What does your donation to Catalpa Health support?

$50               Provides basic supplies for therapists and team members to use to care for kids and families.

$100            Helps to remove transportation barriers to regular appointments for families. 

$150             Provides an interpreter for one child's therapy session or a group therapy session for one high risk youth

$250             Provides an initial evaluation for one child who is struggling, in order to develop a therapeutic care plan. 

$500             Provides two family thearpy sessions in our Seedlings Clinic (a program with services for birth to five kiddos) 

$750             Provides three school based therapy sessions for one child. 

$1,000         Provides a week of services through Catalpa's Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) for one high-risk child 

                      recently discharged from the hospital. 

Add-on to your 2020 Pop! in a Box experience!

                                             FOOD for thought: sweet + savory treats to raise funds


Select from a number of delicious Heirloom Kitchen creations! Chef Tracy Darling and her team have curated a special Pop! menu of custom take-and-bake meals, charcuterie and desserts to enjoy and savor.


Specific details of the boxes are listed on the order form!

CHARCUTERIE BOX - $50 (serves 2-3)



DESSERT BOX - $58 (serves 2)






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