Clue #1 

As the story goes, we like to keep you on your toes and can't wait to bring you a choreographed event from beginning to end.

 Clue #2 

What tale will we tell this year?

 Clue #3 

Have you caught on yet or are you leaving it to chance? 

Our annual "this not that" clue might make you want to dance!

 Clue #4 

We know your curiosity is growing as this year's event quickly approaches! This week's clue hints at what to wear & gives up the debate of whether we're planning an indoor vs. outdoor affair with a beautiful poem written by Pop! committee marketing chair, Alison Fiebig.

 Bonus Clue 

As we prepare the final touches for event week, check out this clue with Pop! Keynote Sponsor, Community First Credit Union!

 Final Clue 

With each day that passes we move closer to Pop! 2021, so here's a special kind of motion - STOP MOTION to be exact - for your enjoyment as the suspense for this year's event theme and location peaks!